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Have you ever thought about making some extra money in your free time? Online surveys might be the answer. You could earn by giving your views. It’s a great way to make money and earn cash from home.

Taking paid online surveys is a real way to make a little extra income. Some folks make up to $40 a month by doing just three surveys daily. It might not replace your full-time job, but it helps as a side hustle or extra income stream.

How do online surveys stack up against other jobs? The U.S. minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. A 2017 study shows survey earnings varied from $0.41 to $2.03 hourly. So, while not a lot, it’s a way to get some extra cash.

Even experts agree that taking online surveys won’t make you rich, but it’s a legit way to earn a bit more, maybe up to $100 extra a month. There’s also the Eureka Surveys app. It offers good income from the start, with 80% making $5 just on their first day. The app has paid over $24 million so far.

Key Takeaways

  • Online surveys can provide a small amount of extra income, potentially $40–$100 per month.
  • Earnings from surveys are generally low, ranging from $0.41 to $2.03 per hour.
  • Reputable survey sites like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and My Points offer opportunities to earn cash.
  • The Eureka Surveys app has paid out over $24 million, with 80% of new members earning $5 on their first day.
  • Online surveys should be seen as a supplemental income source, not a primary way to make money.


Exploring online surveys can be thrilling. It’s an avenue for those looking to earn cash or work from home. The chance to make some extra money from home is inviting. But it’s essential to know what to expect realistically from this venture.

The Appeal of Online Surveys

The main charm of online surveys is how easy and open they are. By spending just a few minutes, we can make a bit of money. And we don’t have to stick to a fixed schedule or go anywhere. On various sites, you’ll find surveys that pay between £0.10 and £3 each. They usually take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This adaptability and chance to earn a bit extra are what make online surveys great for adding to your income.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Though online surveys can help financially, it’s key to be realistic. Most surveys pay between £1 and £6.50 hourly. This is much less than the national minimum wage in the US. So, see online surveys as a way to get a bit more cash each month, maybe up to $100. Don’t count on them for a solid or big income. Having the right expectations helps us not be let down. It also gives us a clear idea of what to expect from this chance.

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Top Legitimate Online Survey Sites

Want to make some extra cash with online surveys? There are many trusted platforms. We’re going to dive into the top ones. They’re great for boosting your income while chilling at home.

Swagbucks is loved for not just surveys but also videos, games, and a special search engine. They say they’ve given out over $550 million in cash and gift cards since 2008.


Inbox Dollars is a big name, handing out over $80 million since 2000. They pay between $0.50 and $5 for each survey. It’s a good way to make some extra bucks monthly.


KashKick offers more than just surveys. You get paid to play games and test new apps. They start paying out at $10, making it a good chance to earn money online.


If you complete three surveys a day on Survey Junkie, you could make around $40 a month. Many choose this site to add to their earnings through market research.


Free Cash has rewarded its users with over $64 million. It offers a simple way to earn extra money online with its user-friendly site and various earning methods.

Let’s talk about making money through online surveys. Keep your expectations real. One report found that people made from $0.41 to $2.03 an hour in 2017. This is less than the minimum wage. Plus, these sites often have a payout minimum. Testers sometimes couldn’t cash out even after five hours of work.

Average Earnings per Survey

Another source gives a clearer picture. It says each survey pays between $0.50 and $5 on average. Sometimes, some surveys pay more, like $10 or $20. But how much you make depends on your details and skills.

Factors Affecting Earnings

How about the Eureka Surveys app?

It seems 80% of new users there make $5 on the first day. This shows earnings can change a lot. Some places might pay more than others.

Online surveys won’t make you rich, but they offer a way to earn a little extra cash. From the comfort of your home, you can make a small side income. In a 2017 test, we earned less than $90 in over 50 hours spent on survey sites. Yet, they can be a handy supplement. For example, Survey Junkie pays about $0.50 per survey. By doing three a day, you could make around $40 a month.

The great thing about online surveys is that they add to your cash without much effort. You can do them from home in your free time. A reliable source suggests you can make up to $100 a month if you’re consistent. This means doing three surveys daily. Also, the Eureka Surveys app has distributed over $24 million. Within their first day, 80% of new members earn $5.

Online surveys might not be a steady job, but they can be a smart way to utilize your spare time. It’s a good method to make some additional money. However, it’s crucial to keep your expectations real and not depend on them solely for your earnings.

Safety and Privacy Concerns

When we talk about online survey privacy, it’s crucial to think about what information we share. Testers often share private details such as birthdates, ZIP codes, and income. This data could be used in the wrong way or sold, making the survey takers vulnerable. Keep your personal information safe by not sharing things like your Social Security number or bank information.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Be aware of survey site scams, which are a big problem, according to studies. Be careful with sites that ask for payment to take surveys. It’s important to think about whether the surveys are really worth it. Making a special email for surveys can help you avoid a lot of spam. This way, you have better control over who contacts you.

Avoiding Scams and Fraudulent Sites

To stay safe when dealing with online survey privacy, watch out for certain signs. These include high cash-out minimums, needing to pay for access, and unrealistic promises about making money. Always check for reliable reviews and a clear privacy policy. Using different email accounts and being honest in your survey answers can help you use online surveys without too much risk.

To earn more from online surveys, try joining several survey panels. Rather than sticking to one, spreading out can open more survey doors for you. This means better chances to make money. It’s crucial to always be truthful and stay on point while answering surveys. Sites are quick to spot any fibs or random answers. Being consistent and honest will help you avoid being cut off from survey opportunities.

Making regular withdrawals is a smart move. Unlike a bank, survey sites do not protect your money. If anything goes wrong, you risk losing the funds you worked hard for. So, take out your earnings often to keep them safe.

Following these simple recommendations—joining various panels, being truthful and consistent, and withdrawing money often—will help you boost your online survey earnings. It’s a neat way to have some extra cash for things you enjoy.

Online surveys offer a bit of sideline cash. But they aren’t the best for making real money online. For more cash, check out other side hustles or work-from-home chances.

Research shows online surveys won’t make you rich. For those interested in making money online or snagging extra income, try side hustles. Or maybe find a full-time online job with a credible company.

Online surveys are better for filling spare time than earning a living. To really boost your work-from-home income, look into other online work opportunities.

Pros and Cons of Online Surveys


Online surveys are very flexible. You can do them any time, fitting around your own schedule. You don’t need special skills to do them. As long as you have a computer and the internet, you can join in. There are so many different topics to choose from. This means you can pick surveys that interest you. While they might not pay a lot, doing them regularly can add up to a nice extra income.


Online surveys do have downsides, though. They usually pay low, so you might need to do a lot of them to make good money. Also, the number of surveys you can do changes, and this makes it hard to rely on a steady income. They are best thought of as something to do on the side, not a main income source. There’s also the issue of privacy. Sharing your details with survey sites can be risky.

It’s easy to get into online surveys. Signing up and participating is not hard. They can be fun and give your opinion on new stuff. However, you might end up spending too much time on them. And not all surveys will match what you like, so they might not be very valuable.

Remember, when thinking about online surveys, also consider when you get paid, watch out for scams, how often surveys come up, and if they’re easy or hard to do.


Online surveys can help you earn some extra pocket money. You might make around $100 a month. But making a significant income from them is doubtful. Our findings show you can earn very little, from $0.41 to $2.03 an hour. This is much below the federal minimum wage of $7.25. There are also worries about the safety of the personal data you give out.

If you use them wisely, online surveys can be good for idle time. Use them to add to your income, not as a main source of money. Looking for more money online? Think about side hustles or part-time online work.

In the end, online surveys are a nice way to get cash and work from home. But they won’t work for everyone who wants to make extra income. Setting real goals and understanding the good and bad sides are keys. This will help you choose wisely and find what suits you best.

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